What are the 9 rules to losing weight?

You may be wondering why weight loss is an issue for you. How can one start? What set of rules could I follow to improve my weight loss? NuHuman Transformation Clinic(1) will assist you through your weight loss journey by providing you with a set of rules to follow. 

We would like you to ask yourself the question “what is the best way to lose weight?”. Find the answer within these rules and create yourself a guideline to follow and live by. 

The 9 rules to lose weight:


  1. Follow a weight loss diet plan that offers a caloric deficit to get things kick-started. Depending on the state of activity, either sedentary or active, one should consider counting the number of calories being used for energy versus the calories that are being ingested. The number of calories being ingested needs to be less than the calories being used. This places a person in a caloric deficit, which will improve the chances of losing weight fast.(2,3) There are many apps on the market that make calorie counting a lot easier, so get searching for one that suits you. With a caloric deficit, it is still important to keep the nutrient/ food as healthy as possible to ensure that all the micronutrients and macronutrients are being consumed. 
  2. Alongside a weight loss diet plan, one should also remember the importance of water, especially prior to meals. Studies have shown that 9% less daily energy intake was needed by habitual water drinkers.(4) Water will not only assist in satiation but also proper food digestion and nutrient uptake. Drink your 2-4 litres of water per day, and if you are active and feel dehydrated, reach for another glass of hydration.(5) 
  3. Exercise is another great way for losing weight fast as it will increase the rate at which you burn calories, which will speed up the time required for you to achieve a caloric deficit. If you are struggling to train or do not know where to start, do not be scared to approach a personal trainer to assist you. 
  4. Consume higher levels of protein in your eating plan to lose weight. Protein is known for satisfying your satiation. This will help you control your cravings while also stimulating a greater thermogenic state. This thermogenic state will assist you in burning through some extra calories.(6)
  5. Protein shakes are slim products that aim to increase protein yield, which aids in the benefits stated in rule number 4. Drink this as a pre-or post-workout to improve your muscle-building process by ensuring a good supply of protein to your muscles. Do not forget that training, while adding protein content to your diet will fuel the muscle fibres, and we all know that muscle burns through fat as a fuel source.(7) 
  6. There are other weight loss supplements that could be used for driving up the resting metabolic rate to burn extra calories by oxidising fatty tissue. A fat burner that consists of caffeine, green tea extract, l-carnitine, chromium, Garcinia Cambogia, or even psyllium husk could act as a great weight loss supplement.(8) Ensure that you consult with your health practitioner if you have heart-related conditions or chronic ailments that could become affected by external supplement use. 
  7. Sleep is one of the most underlooked tools to lose weight fast. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep to reduce fatigue and ensure a healthy metabolism.(9) 
  8. A diet to lose weight” can also be in the form of not eating. This is a technique commonly referred to as intermittent fasting, whereby you restrict food intake for anything from 2 to 24 hours. This allows for only a small food intake window period for certain intermittent fasting types. Experiment with the different fasting types and be consistent to find which one works best for you.(10)
  9. The last rule is the mental dedication behind your weight loss transformation. Believe in yourself and your weight loss transformation. NuHuman believes that the mind changes before the body, and it is true in many situations in life. Trust your process, and your body will follow in its steps. Stay motivated throughout your journey to lose weight fast


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