Dark Chocolate Super Shake

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NuHuman’s Dark Chocolate Super Shake is the only meal replacement and post-workout that promotes anti-aging (PeptiPlus SB Collagen), improves athletic performance, facilitates muscle repair, optimises protein synthesis, increases cell permeability, and promotes overall health and well-being.

Fully backed by science and formulated by doctors, scientists, and biohackers.

High in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates. Its unique formulation includes digestive aids (Psyllium Husk and Fibre gum B) that have been shown to reduce cravings, increase digestion and satiety, and aids in weight loss.

NuHuman’s shake is holistic in its approach by optimizing cognition and human cellular function with the addition of MCT Oil and Phospholipids and amplifying physical energy and ATP production in the mitochondria.

Active Ingredients (Per 35g Serving):

  • Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine
  • Full Amino Acid Spectrum

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